Arlo turns 2!!

In just one week our littlest babe turns TWO!

So I thought I would share all the things we decided to get him for his Birthday in the hopes I am able to give some ideas for other parents who are struggling with gift ideas.

So here we go!

Tree colour pencil set

Arlo loves to draw and so after some searching I came across these beautiful coloured pencils from the wonderful Sheri and They are made our of what appears to be tree branches and crayons. Given the size I found that they would be perfect for Arlo to grasp.

This gorgeous little set comes with 10 coloured pencils (aka crayons) and a beautiful wooden pencil holder.

This item retails for $25.95.

Use code: DEMI10 at for a discount.


The boys have been absolutely loving the beautiful Potion Kits created by Alicia and Jacinta from @thelittlepotionco.

These kits are available in the full Potion Kit or the Mini Potion Kit and the best part... you get more than one use out of each kit!!

The Mini Kits value at about $25.00 while the larger kits are about $45-55.

Potion play is so much fun, creating endless hours of play for children of all ages.

Use code: DEMI10 at @thelittlepotionco.

Sticks & Blocks & rainbow tree people

I purchased these products from the lovely Jo at @the.curated.parcel.

Arlo loves to engage in play that focuses on hand-eye coordination which I thought the "Let Them Play" Sticks

& Blocks would be perfect for. This one I believe will be a huge hit with him.

The Rainbow Tree People were a bit of a random pick for me. However I though he would particularly like them as he likes to carry small objects around with him. He has a lot of interest in playdough activities also which we can work these in to with colour matching games etc.

Use code: DEMI10 at @the.curated.parcel for a discount.

Scoops & Spoons

If there is one thing Arlo loves, its Scoops and Spoons!!

He loves using these in a range of activities including Potion Play and to scoop his lentils and beans from the tub in his activity table. Theres no denying that these will get endless use!

We purchased these ones from the lovely Monica from @playkidsco.

Monica has a range of beautiful products, including stunning Bug Keepers which we also have and love immensely.

Use code: DEMI for a discount at @playkidsco.

Timber Fact and Life Cycle Tiles

These ones aren't actually apart of Arlos birthday gifts as he already plays with them but we just had to include them in our blog for gift ideas because, well, who doesn't love nature!

We mostly include our products created by Jade from @timberkidsau in playdough play.

@timberkidsau offers a beautiful range of products inspired by nature that are also learning resources for children. Her ABC Timber Tiles would make the perfect gift for any early learning child.

Use code: DEMI15 at @timberkidsau for a discount.