Hello my fellow lockdown friends!

As we all know, Lockdown has been extended so I thought why not bring out some more Activity Ideas for you to set up to keep the kids entertained while you enjoy a coffee or a wine!

Be sure to read til the end! Discount codes are waiting for you...

Dino Fun!!

Grab yourself some Dinosaur Eco Cutters from @timberkidsau and have yourself some Dino fun with an erupting volcano!

What you'll need..

  1. Baby Dinosaur Eco Cutters
  2. Playdough
  3. Rice or Lentils
  4. Bi-Carb Soda
  5. Vinegar

Remember though, Eco Cutters are Bio Degradable! So be sure to rinse and dry them immediately after use.

MAgnet Puzzle

This one is a must have!!

We were kindly gifted this one by our beautiful friend Jo from @the.curated.parcel and the boys absolutely LOVE it!

The Puzzle and Draw Magnetic Kit Includes a blank note pad, pencils and more than 50 pieces of magnet puzzles to mix and match to create some epic Dino construction vehicles!

Play Silks

You're probably thinking.. "what the heck can I do with silks?"

Well let me tell you! A LOT!!!

@nestling_and_nook have a range of different coloured silks and the only thing stopping your kids from having fun with these is imagination, which kids are pro at, let's be honest!

Your kids can use these silks to create a camp fire, capes, water around a washing basket, wrap their baby dolls at, throwing them in the air and running under them, flags and more.... the possibilities are endless!

Potion Play!!

Just your friendly reminder that portions exist and you need some!!!

The lovely ladies at @thelittlepotionco create these magical experience for children of all ages!

I can't even begin to tell you how many of these I've purchased because they are honestly so much fun. I have even purchased two for Arlo for his upcoming birthday.

The good news is, you can get more then one potion play experience from one kit including the mini kits!

Your little ones will love this so much!


And because who doesn't love a freebie right??!

@timberkidsau has FREE Printable Colouring In Sheets on their website!! Not just a couple... A whole bunch!

Save and print as many times as you like!

Magical Colouring in capes

@thelittlepotionco just released these incredible colouring in capes and you bet your ass we were email subscribers and jumped on them as soon as they launched for VIPS!

The best part..? They have so many illustrations on them to colour in, you can set up a colour in station multiple times a week for them to finish it off! and then they are still entertained when they are done because they are running around the house pretending they are either a superhero or a wizard!



Timber Kids - DEMI15

The Little Potion Co - DEMI10

Nestling and Nook - Have their own reward system online

The Curated Parcel - Check their tagged posts, many incredible rep discounts