Are you in Lockdown?

Entertaining kids can be hard.. but entertaining kids during a 2 week lockdown can be even harder! So I am bringing you some fun activities you can do with your kids at home.

Read on for activity ideas and small business discounts..

Potion Play..

Potion play is a great creative play activity for children, creating a magical experience with nature based ingredients and encouraging outside and imaginative play. Be sure to purchase some dried florals to bring your potion play to the next level.

Sage & Ivy stock the Little Potion Co - Potion Kits and Mini Potion Kits on their website which is where we purchased ours. The Mini Kit we purchased included the Dry Fizz ingredients in a pouch, Sparkly Liquid in a bottle, a bag of refill liquid powder and a mini affirmation and ingredient index card. This Mini Kit retails for $24.95 while the Full Kits retail for about $45-55. Reign absolutely loved this experience and we still have enough left over for many more hours of fun.

The Daisy Bowl set used in this play can be purchased from Nestling & Nook (be sure to join their new loyalty program) while the Moon Spoon and the Mortar and Pestle were both purchased from Sage and Ivy.

Code: Demi15 at @sage.andivy on Instagram

Be sure to join the Nestling & Nook Loyalty Program to earn points.

Lets chat about nature!

Combined with the Timber Kids Timber Tiles, the Play Kids Co Bug Keeper makes for a great outdoor learning experience for children of all ages. Use your time out for a walk with the family to search for the bugs that live around your neighbourhood. The Timber Kids Beetles Timber Tile offers information to identify bugs you may very well find on your walk.

This experience then led us to research the bugs we had found for our Bug Keeper.. We learnt that the bugs we had found were Yellow Spotted Lady Beetles and they are omnivores! This is a great open-ended learning activity for children.

Timber Kids offer a range of different Anatomy, Fact and Life Cycle Timber Tiles for wonderful learning experiences for all children.

Play Kids will be restocking their Bug Keeper soon.

Code: DEMI15 at @timberkidsau on Instagram

Code: DEMI at @playkidsco on Instagram

Ocean Fun..

We created an Ocean sensory experience using the Make Mud - Sand Playdough Powder from Sage & Ivy, our own Blue Sensory Rice, Kinfolk Pantry Mini Eco Cutters, the book Slow Down from Nestling & Nook and Sage & Ivy Turtle Life Cycle figurines, Bag of Crystals, Moon Spoon and Mortar and Pestle.

The boys used their Moon Spoon to scoop up the crystals and put them into the sand, pushing them down to create rocks.

Reign enjoyed talking about the life cycle of the sea turtle and told me about how they need to swim out fast so sharks cannot get to the babies (yes! it blows my mind that he knows this stuff!!).

Arlo enjoyed pushing the Eco Cutters through the "Ocean" while reign scooped up some of the sensory rice to crush in his Mortar and Pestle.

You can purchase these Kinfolk Pantry Mini Eco Cutters from Timber Kids.

Code: DEMI15 at @timberkidsau on Instagram

Code: Demi15 at @sage.andivy

Be sure to join the Nestling & Nook Loyalty Program to earn points.


The Timber Kids Dino Range is taking over Instagram as we speak! Their popular dino range have started to flood into the homes of many Dino loving kids, including ours! To the point that their ever so popular Jurassic sized Dinos have almost completely sold out.

But fear not! Their gorgeous range of Baby Dinosaur Eco Cutters are in stock and ready to ship! This range is perfect for children of all ages. These adorable Baby Dinos will offer a fun play dough experience that's not to be missed.

BUT! they aren't just for play dough!

Eco Cutters are great for a range of sensory play, including with Rice, Beans and Lentils to create a fun Dino Dig experience! Also great for baking cookies!

CODE: DEMI15 at @timberkidsau on Instagram